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Hi @techlyser_web , I tried this on my theme however it did not seem to work, can you help?
  Can someone help with this, I've tried to look through different solutions, and look at the code myself but I can't seem to make anything work. Between some of our sections there is just blank space that we don't want, Can someone help with how to ...
i have accepted 
We are trying to change the layout of our Newsletter Sign up form,   We want to make the actual section as minimal as possible. Currently it looks like the below:  We want to be able to remove as much of the padding on the bottom and top of the secti...
Hi,  Here is the collaborator request code for the website: 0006 
@AnneLuo  Hi, Are you still able to help with this?
Hi @AnneLuo , If you could help with it, would be amazing please
Hi, @AnneLuo The password is: dev1711The first screenshot is what we currently have We want to change it to something along the lines of this screenshot: We want to make our sold out/sale/best seller/new product badges to our own creation, so if we m...
Hi, I want to change the sold out badge (also want to change/add a "Sale", "Best Seller" & "New" badges)we currently have the sold out for example as a Pink Circle with it saying Sold Out, in the middle on the product image.   We want to change the b...
Well that is awkward, I am not sure how exactly it is now working but you are correct it seems to work again now, After it not working last night at all.  Thank you though
Hi @iCart_App  Yes the URL is is Maple27
Hi @Dan-From-Ryviu  Yes the URL is is Maple27
When i click on the Update Cart Button, to change quantities within the cart, it redirects me to the Checkout page. I cannot work out why it is doing this? It is only recently started to do this. Can someone please help??
Does anyone know of a subscription app that would allow for me to let customers place an order for a Monthly Subscription box, but wouldn't take the payment for it until a set date? For example: I want all subscription orders to be placed on the 5th ...
Hi @Ahsan_ANC  Thank you for your help. Got another question. I am wanting to remove the "cart" text, i have managed to somehow "remove" it, but it seems i may of just made it invisible as you can still click the empty area beside the icon and it tak...
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