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Hi community, my business is based in Sweden and I am trying to integrate swish as payment option. I found a few external providers that supports swish and I have 2 questions: 1. Which one would you recommend?2. In the checkout page, when an external...
I have the same problem. A lot of blank pages reported by google console related to web pixel sandbox manager. Google is anyway not indexing the pages because "excluded by no index tag"
Hi community, is there a way to assign a H1 tag to the image banner text? Thanks a lot!  
Hi community, I would like to visualize a border around the add-to-cart button of the hero collection on hover. Add-to-cart buttons of both Product page (PDP) and all products page (PHP) have this behaviour and I dont know how to replicate it to the ...
Thanks a lot. I understand now.  Thanks for looking into it!
Hi, I have installed Shopify Inbox and I noticed that when I open the website a little number one is displayed on the chat icon. Is there a way to remove it? It gives the false impression that there is a message whilst there is not... Thanks!  
Hi, is there a reason why metafields in any sections of the COLLECTION - MAIN (PHP) do not show up? For example the same metafield regularly shows up in a collapsible section in any page but not in the collapsible section I have in the COLLECTION - M...
Hi @Zworthkey what if I want to do it only for one rich text section?
Hi @ExpertRookie did you find anything? 
Hi, the store url is The custom code I added to the base.css file is:  #shopify-section-template--15942264914110__87a926c7-126a-4ee8-b03f-7f6045ee48a3{background: linear-gradient(to top,#F4F2EC 0%,#F4F2EC 85%,#FEFEF9 85%,#FEFEF9 100%);} w...
Hi community, Product page: is there a way to display a different collection based on the product being displayed? Thanks
Hi community, i made some custom changes to the product page adding some code to the base.css file. Then I created a few new product templates, but the changes I mentioned before are only visible in the default product page and not in the new templat...
I managed to fix with the following code: @media screen and (max-width: 767px){.product .grid__item {margin-bottom: 5px !important;}}
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