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Hi,Slideshow I would like it to fit on the screen properly in mobile view 
Hi, please help, I would like the collection list to fit 100% of my page.please see preview here, 
Hi, I have a custom liquid (on my home page) and I want to be able to link the image to send it to a url link when image is clicked. I am no expert with this stuff but if you could please help that would be amazing. Please see custom liquid below:Cus...
Hi, please help, I am trying to make this section 100% of the width of the screen. See image. Please see website preview here: 
This worked but how do you get it to take up the entire screen width?
Hi,I have 7 items in my collection list, the last one is alone in its line, also for Desktop (one line of 7 icons) or mobile (2 lines of 3 and 1 alone). How can I add it to the upper line for Desktop ? - I want all 7 to be in the same line for deskto...
it also doesn't show up on mobile phone view... how would I fix this?
Hi, I have an issue, I have a 2 custom liquid that I did and I cannot work out how to make it the full screen (please see below for reference). I just cannot work it out, This would also make the images bigger which is also what I want, Please see li...
So i am just playing around and i was hoping to learn how to solve this issue both here specifically and going forward. When using Image with text overlay, the image resize for mobile is very zoomed in.The site is in demo:https://8ipfhzuxn1bmylue-721...
That is correct.thank you, this is not an option for me unfortunately so it will have to be done through code.
Hi all, The search bar of my site, works fine on desktop shows on the top of the mobile. I would prefer just to have a search button or something like the desktop. Any assistance would be highly appreciated. Thank you!
Would it be in this section? 
Where would I find this?
Hi, Please see advanced version of my website (not published yet).  In the beginning I used someone to design my website, but they have done all this crazy stuff and It's hard to fix.The collect...
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