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Is there a section schema input settings that pulls PRODUCT VARIANTS? I know theres a 'product' setting, but trying to select specific variants for a section as opposed to the first_available/default.
I find that users can select the divider line between the frequently selected country options and other options with using {{ all_country_option_tags }}. Is it possible to disable this option as it returns an error if selected? 
Hi  Just testing out the Shopify B2B feature. Is there a way to update the Brand colours and layout for the B2B account pages? Can't see a way to do this in theme customize, and the colours do not match whats been set up in my admin brand settings  
When and ONLY WHEN  I add dynamic checkout buttons to the product template, I get this errorHTML error found. Broken HTML has been detected in your theme's sections/product-main.liquid file.    Content of sections/product-main.liquid is below:    {% ...
Thanks @SocialAutoPost for looking into thisI have updated the the markup based on some of your suggestions, but the error still remainsI have now removed the duplicate {% assign ss = section.settings %} and {% assign sb = section.settings %}You miss...
I can't for the life of me figure out what the error is on my product-main.liquid file. Been going through it for almost 2 days, but I keep getting the error. Can anyone spot the error?    {% comment %} Define Useful Variables {% endcomment %} {% ass...
HiCurrently building a new theme, and I'm trying to use the 'video' section input setting (, but I get the following error 'Invalid setting type: video - video' Anyone had a simila...
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