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I didn't ask for upgrading to premium theme, i asked clear question that is the standard image size for collections?
hey all am struggling to find the right size image for collections , i want the image to be seen good shape in the thump and inside the collection, what ever size i am trying there is some mistakes and missing edges ? i want to have good size for bot...
here is my preview link :https://a2kohquhswhh45az-62968234183.shopifyprevie
Dear i am preparing images for the collection and banner, with size 800x800 or 1080x1080 and I tried many different sizes, but when it comes to upload it and use it banner images or collection the images resolution becomes so blurry and bad, while in...
thank you alot for your efforts , it works perfect on mobile but not exist on desktop ( desktop not important at the moment 95% of my visitors are on mobile browser) thank you again 
i published on the main website and works great , one last thing  is it possible to move it to the right or header or to the menu in mobile version at least ?  
thank you it works but- on mobile i can see the language bar only when its English, when i choose Arabic the bar disappear and i cant take back to English- is it possible to make the bar smaller or any other modification to make it more beautiful  he...
Dear Ketan thank you for your reply here is the URL: would like to know how to get the language bar selector from footer to header in desktop and mobile version ,
dear i am using dawn theme, and recently i added Arabic language to my website and i would like to move the language selector bar from footer to the header or menu in mobile version.
when customer adding item to cart its show popup showing the cart , but i want to show the price there , does it work in this way? 
hey can you tell me exactly what shall i do with code ,pleasewhere to paste it or what are the needed step to do it?thanks 
did you find where to paste this code ? i have same problem and i want to show in real time the basket total amount and if there is a campaign it should calculate regarding to the campaign 
thank you for you quick reply, but can you tell me what is Tilda? 
Dear i am using the the moment google analytics on my ecommerce website and welling to migrate to yandex metrica ? any help or suggestion how to do it and how to remove the google analytic integration from my website or i can keep both ?
Hey its 1200x400 attached photo , can you please double check it
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