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Hi @CodeForGhost  The API you are using is no longer available. I have found an alternative, and the code is as follows query: "key:rating OR key:rating_count" query { metafieldDefinitions(first: 250, ownerType: PRODUCT, query: "key:rating OR key:r...
Hi @JustinKillian  Taking productSet as an example: 
Hi @bartlomiejradzi  Please send out the request parameters and take a look.
1. npm install -g @Shopify/cli@latest2. shopify theme init3. shopify theme dev --store {store-name}open link in browser 
Hi @karmicksol49  Please check the official guidelinesShopify CLI for themes  
Hi @yzarda Which browser are you using? I used Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and none of them encountered the situation you mentioned.  
Hi @thatshampooshop You can edit the question piece section-main-product.css on line 1333  .product-media-container.constrain-height { --viewport-offset: 170px; --constrained-min-height: 500px; }to .product-media-container.constrain-heigh...
Hi @karmicksol49 Shopify CLI is not dependent on Shopify Plan. Can you send some error messages for analysis purposes.
Hi @ShaneOH  Can you provide more information? I used your request data and it was successfully called
Hi @eslamibrahim You can edit your theme code:modify file content: language-localization.liquid  {%- comment -%} Renders the language picker for the localization form Accepts: - localPosition: pass in the position in which the form is coming...
Hi @yzarda Can you share your store url?
hi @leeaz  Assuming you develop a program that can call Graphql API and pass the product ID to backend, this can be achieved. Simply using frontend API cannot achieve this
According to the Shopify API documentation, it is not recommended to use the REST API to operate products after April 2024 
Hi @trancy  I noticed that you added a proxy in the request. Do you have any special requirements? Can you delete it and call the product update API again
Hi @Ido1425  May I ask which reviews app you have used? In Shopify admin, can you approve these comments or do you need to disable the approval function.
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