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yes fixed it!  thank you so much for your help
hi that worked great!  but i think it affected another part of the design...the description i circled in black had a different colour background so that i can read the words.. like a bubblei tried changing the Colour Scheme on the right side but cann...
hi I managed to do it but i have 2 issues 1. how do align it middle?   2. for mobile view it becomes like this.. how do i fix this? 
Hi sorry unable to make it work... i cannot find the existing content in the Edit Code sectionI added the information through here..... pls help thank you 
OK for first solution can u help show me where to add the solution pls ?As in which section etc etcSorry i am a newbie to this.Tqvm !
hi everyone!  I appreciate your help on this. How do I make the . become a different colour? The dot inside the black square..I only want the . to become a different colour example green colour This is my website link ...
Hi sorry it doesnt seem to work. apologies maybe can start from Step 1Step 2.... thank you so much
Hi there!  thank you for reply where do I put both codes? which section do i add it in ? thank you
HiHow do i change the other letters?Example i want the 2nd or 3rd letter to change colourThank u
Hi RichardNguyen, Actually i would like just the . to be greenNot the whole sentence. Just the "Full Stop" to be green. Other words to remain as Blue Thank you
HiPlease help! I want to change the colour of a single letter in a word In the main page,"Welcome to the I.mpossible Sauces Factory" How do I change the . to green colour? Currently it is blue colour Thank you!  
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