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I have two discount codes I want to have active for Black Friday.One is a buy 2 get one free, CODE : BFSAVENOWThe other is, if you spend $150+ you get a free Terry Tote, CODE : TERRYTOTE The codes work separately but do not allow me to combine even t...
Thank you so much!! That was perfect
Hello, my shop The banner I have on my home page is not showing up on mobile.. how do I fix this? Thank you!
Thanks so much for your feedback, I took a look at the Seller Agreement and still don't fully understand what is not compliant. I have opened a ticket with Shopify Help Center
When I try to connect Facebook and Instagram to my Shopify store i get the below message The shop linked to these assets is violating integrity policies and is not eligible to engage in this commerce operation. what does this mean? how do I resolve t...
Thank you so much! really appreciate your help 
Thank you ! that is a good point, it did look weird in mobileNow, it looks better but it is cut off at the end how should i proceed?
Thank you so much!! that worked perfectly thank you! 
Hello, I added a disclaimer to my footer but it is tot he left and i would like to align it in the center. I have tried many align-center codes but had no luck, please advise! <div class="grid__item"><small class="site-footer__copyright-content">* So...
How do I center this text? it is to the left currently.
Thank you this was great!!!When i put the code in the card-product section the pictures on my collection list no longer load?Any idea how i can correct this?
@ZenoPageBuilder are you able to help me with the CSS code to center the logo?
This worked perfectly, thank you so much!!
I will settle with just centering the logo , are you able to help me with that?
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