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I'm considering a Shopify Balance account to set aside sales tax.  Can I decide to have my payouts still go to my main bank account and only sales tax go to shopify balance account?
Thanks for the link!  My dropshipper is already listed as a 3rd party location but shopify doesn't allow me to change pick up settings for it.
I think it might be an issue with Trendsi.  I use them as well and everything used to show up in the Trendsi inventory location but now it all shows under my office location.
Is there a way to exclude certain items from in store pick up?  I carry some items that are dropshipped so they are online only.  I don't want customers choosing thos
I love the self-service feature for returns! But what about exchanges?  Customers must initiate the return and email me saying they'd like an exchange.  They should be able to initiate the return and then have the option to exchange for other items. ...
This didn't work for me. Are there updated instructions?
Thanks again for the solution!  Hopefully one day Shopify just lets you go back to the cart after choosing an item to return/exchange so we can apply current discounts that way.
This is more of a suggestion than anything… it would be great if before my Shopify payouts occur-the remittance for Shopify capital was deducted.  I hate have to read through so many Shopify charges on my bank statement.  Or if we could choose our re...
Thanks for the steps! I get that sometimes you wouldn’t want to apply an old discount.  But if I have a current discount on my POS and the exchanged item is a part of that new discount I think it should automatically adjust the price.  Or at least gi...
I don't think SMS is included in shopify marketing...but if you find it let me know because I've been looking for it too!
I am currently running an automatic discount in store.  A customer came to do an exchange and after selecting the new item I noticed that the automatic discount was not taken off the new item.  I had to add a custom sale and price the item at the dis...
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