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Oh, sorry, I realised now that I'm obviously doing this all in a duplicate theme as I wanted to test what happens without making any changes that could affect our customers on the site
Hmmm, no it is still just going to the cart page and the drawer doesn't pop up
Hi Zanya, I tried changing ti to Drawer, but it is still going to the Cart page...
Hi Zanya! Thank you so much for this, I made that change, but now as soon as I add to cart it takes me into the cart. Is there any way to add to cart, without it taking the person into cart?
Hello all, I see other people have found solutions to this problem but I am battling to find a solution that will work for us. When a customer adds a product to cart the mini cart does not update unless they refresh the page. The same occurs when the...
Hello, is it possible to make a collection list stack on mobile rather than become scrollable? I've also made them smaller than the standard size with custom CSS but that seems to have thrown off the text alignment, has anyone else faced this issue?
Hello! We seem to be facing a problem now that I've seen pop up quite a few times, but never seen an actual solution. We have added a whole group of new products to our website today, but some are not showing up in the store. We have checked that the...
Did you ever figure this out, we are battling the same problem
Did you ever find a solution? We are trying to find out the same thing 
 everyone! Is it possible to have intelligent labels that can pop up automatically, I saw these recently and I thought it would be a great way to show that something is actively moving . I tried looking at the code to see If it is something they adde...
Hi, I am using the logo list as a collection list as the collection lists available in Flex them are simply too large for what I am after. Is it possible to add titles to the logo lists though? I can add images and make them clickable but I would pre...
Hello! I am wanting to use Flex Themes "Image with text" feature as a kind of header, and I would prefer for the image on the let to take up 2/3 of the space and the test take up the remaining 1/3 whereas they are currently 50/50. How would I go abou...
Hi! I was wondering how I could apply this to my mobile menu? 
We are using Flex Theme from Out of the Sandbox if that is any help.
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