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In the bottom of your theme.css file add this code   @media only screen and (max-width:768px){ .grid-overflow-wrapper .grid__item.grid-product{ flex:0 0 80vw !important; } }  
You can just edit the theme template and just use a basic "Featured Collection" section and create a collection to show there.
I don't even think your website is currently compliant to run paid ads. I will browse through Shopifys blog and read a few checklists or beginner guides as they will cover nearly everything that you've missed. But basically, most shoppers currently w...
remove all the width changes and try setting this insteadunder width:80% or width:100% just do max-width:100vw or max-width:100%; height:auto; but itll be a lot easier to help if we can view your store
First open the file section-main-products.css and go to line 761 Or where you see this code @media screen and (min-width: 750px) { .product-media-modal__content { padding: 2rem 11rem; } .product-media-modal__content > * { width: 100%; ...
You need to make a few adjustments in their styling. Open your theme.css or any css file and add this in  #2f43563e-2e28-4113-84ae-45f0388d7b60{ display:block; float:right }This should fix the issue in the footer, might also work when you paste the c...
You can do this by following these steps; 1: Open your theme page (Online Store > Theme)2: On your published theme click "Actions" then "Edit Code" Once inside Shopifys code editor you should already have the "Templates" folder opened, if not close t...
Generally, you would want to create a new template for "Gift Cards" with all these bits emitted from the original template.  But if you want to achieve this without doing any coding work yourself something like this should work fine. (Not at all best...
Take advantage of any webhook delivery service. I know this isn't the exact answer you're looking for but it might help if you have a service that simply only forwards webhooks to you in the event your own servers hang or go offline it should still b...
It works on stores without Shopify Plus. You can even log your own network(Dev tools) when manually creating a gift card and you can just import that code to your code and it'll even work if your store somehow doesn't allow it yet from custom apps et...
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