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hello, not sure if anyone expreienced that. I developed an app to edit cart using POS app sdk. But the thing is, when I open the app in the shopify pos app, it takes around 5-6 seconds to load (I am ...
Hello, I am an in-house developer, our company is using Shopify POS App, and we want to develop a private app to integrate with Shopify POS app, I can see there's doc here: https://help.shopify.co...
Hello everyone, I want to change the line items of an order, and after hours of searching, I found several apps that could do that. However, I checked admin API, store API etc, all I found is that on...
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Thanks @Josh , we have a program using this API call and it stop running 2 weeks ago, that why we noticed that. For sure we can use "metafields" instead of "metafield", hopefully it will be resolved very soon, since search by namespace & key is much ...
Hello, I encounter a very strange case. Please help to check it.I tried to get a specific metafield for customer & product using namespace & key:query {  customer(id: "gid://shopify/Customer/7283356106") {    metafield(namespace: "test", key: "hello"...
Oh, that's greate news. So I think this is a reliable filter to get only online orders through API. Thanks for your help! 
hello guys, I am developing an app, and it need to extract all online orders for a customer. As there's no field such as "channel" in order API. I looked through the doc and found that "app_id", "source_name" seems to be a possible way to distinguis...
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