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This doesn't work - it hides the images entirely..   
Hi there! I have a problem with the Featured Product section on the bottom of the homepage (SHOWCASE theme). On some computers, when clicking the swiper button / arrow on the Image Slider, it seems to refresh the page and jump to the top of the homep...
Auto-correct! I updated it now  
Hi there! I have created a custom section in Webflow and I have copied it into Shopify. The image on the left is meant to be sticky, while you scroll through the copy on the right side. This was working before (not just in Webflow, but also in Shopif...
Yes - that is exactly my problem. Is there any reason why a brand font would not appear on the password page? It works fine on any other pages! 
Hi! I am using the Showcase theme and I would like my custom brand fonts to appear on the password page. Any suggestions on where to put in the code? https://bloom-wolf.myshopify.com/ Thanks!! 
I wanted to delete some fonts files from here, but accidentally deleted my custom.css file! Any way to get it back?
Hmm.. I've uploaded them to the Assets Folder many times before and didn't run into any issues then. But this seems to be working - thanks!
Hi, I am installing a client website and I have uploaded custom font files under Assets & assigned these fonts under custom.css. However, the header font is only showing up on Chrome (not Safari) and the body font is not showing at all. Any suggestio...
Thanks you! This worked well  
I would like to add a page-wide logo to my footer, like in the example below. Using the Showcase theme. Can anyone help me with the code? https://bloom-wolf.myshopify.com/password: skeach 
HELP! I clicked ownership transfer but do not want to transfer ownership yet!! The other party has not accepted. Please tell me I can reverse? Thanks
Still not working. On a featured product section on the homepage the variants are showing, but then on the product page they are not. 
The variant picker block is not showing on my default product page?  
Hi, On my Giftcard Product Page, the variants are not showing. How can I solve this? URL: https://www.lxmatten.com/products/lx-matten-giftcard
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