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Hi, in our efforts to keep up with latest Shopify API version, we've come across a strange issue that never occurred before. We share same API version for both Admin and Partners API, both of which a...
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We are trying to help our App users add an App Block to their theme with one click. Following the reference here the link generated works, just not in t...
I am facing an issue since 7 AM UTC today where some (random?) newly installed stores will always receive invalid API tokens. The install goes through fine, the app is registered in customers Admin, but when app tries to use credentials we just get "...
We are facing a very strange API issue, when trying to query for LineItemSellingPlan property of LineItems, because as soon as the SellingPlan is edited, the property will remain "null", even when the name is clearly visible! Steps for reproduction w...
Hi everyone,is someone able to get the mocked High Risk order to reflect correctly though GraphQL API? I read and created a test order with to get "HIGH" risk Orde...
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