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Hello, I have just switched my Theme from Dawn to Refresh and the App "HS Product Options and Variants" seems not working.What should I do?
Unfortunately i have tried with different devices and all have the same problem. All of my clients tried to purchase a product but it seems to stuck in the check out and also it not allow them to erase the product for their shopping cart
Hello everyone,many clients wont be able to pay at check out and they wont let them erase the product from their shopping cart. It allows only the PayPal option to continue . Somehow it all freezes .Please help me Eva
Also they have told me that they can proceed only with the paypal option and not with the credit card
Hello Anastasiathank you for your reply. they have told me that they have items to their shopping cart and when they push the button for check out it seems that’s the screen is freezing. can you please d me the steps to fix this?
Hello!There are many people sending me messages about having problems at check out. Somehow the website freezes  when they press the button  thank you in advance Evangelia 
Yes, I have tried it and it really works!Thank you so much for your support
Thank you for your reply but I can’t find where this cart option is on mytheme
Hello,i would like to add a note field to give customers the opportunity to write information about the order.i'm using the dawn theme. Thank you 
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