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The supported cryptocurrency platforms only support well-known cryptocurrencies. We would like to accept a relatively small cryptocurrency that is widely used in our client's local community.
Hi @Andrew I appreciate your reply. The reason why we need the manual payment option globally is that the community of our client wants to pay with a specific cryptocurrency. How can we allow that payment method?Thanks,Joël
It seems like Manual payment methods are not available on checkout unless the store's primary currency is used.  How can we make our manual payment methods available to global customers?
Is there a possibility of translating the Additional details and Payment instructions of a manual payment method?
@Moira, I'm aware of this screen, which lets you define the message in one language. My question is how do I set the message in multiple languages? We have translated our shop into 3 languages (EN, DE, FR).Translation apps do not allow translating an...
@Moira in the Shopify language settings there are no fields for Manual payment methods. Am I looking at the wrong place?
@stefanolaporta Did you find a solution in the meantime?
Did you find a solution?
@Moira Can the text of the two fields (Name of custom payment method and Additional details) be translated?
Hi Anindita,Coding is not an issue. Could you please point me to the documentation that explains where to add the code?Thanks!
We aim to charge a surcharge/fee for orders below $50. However, if the value of the cart is equal to or greater than $50, the surcharge will not be applied. Is there a way to solve this without an app? Coding a custom solution is not a problem. The s...
Have you found a solution?
Vielen Dank für deine Antwort. Das Ganze ist wirklich ein wenig merkwürdig.Ich wäre dir sehr dankbar um eine Antwort auf folgende 3 Fragen:1. Wie funktioniert der Ablauf mit Sumup Air? Wählt man im Shopify POS beim Checkout eine alternative Zahlungsm...
Ich habe letzte Woche die gleiche Frage an den Shopify Support gestellt. Leider funktioniert es trotz der neuen Verfügbarkeit von Shopify Payments in der Schweiz noch nicht.@Nimblys-Arts hast du eine Lösung gefunden?
Thanks for considering this feature for future releases. Seeing yearly spending per customer and being able to segment customers based on that would be highly valuable.I would want to have taxes included. In Switzerland, retail prices always include ...
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