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I first entered the features for the pom hats with the metafield while customizing my store, then the jackets, but when I went back into the pom hats, the features were deleted from the page and the metafield said 'jacket features' instead of 'pom ha...
I updated this for each product and it still just deletes my previous metafield that I entered so it's blank. It's like it's not saving when I update a new product. I've seen others have this same issue but I cannot seem to figure out how to resolve ...
Thanks. The only thing I see that I did differently was not add a metafield for the heading since I wanted them all to be the my case, Features.  Do I have to change that and have those all say something different?
I need to change the content in the collapsible rows for each of my products since they have different features and are made out of different materials.  I have followed the tutorials and youtube video on how to change the metafields for each and whe...
That worked, thanks so much! Also, is there a way to move the text and button down any further? I already have it on the bottom center setting.
I'm trying to make my heading wider in the slideshow so the words don't go onto two lines. Please help! Here is my store URL: Thanks!
This didn't work for me.  Any other suggestions?  Here's my store: 
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