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thank you but there is no option for collection filter
Hi, I want to add a collection filter in filters. How can I do that? 
I want to remove the collapsible menu from the footer on the mobile screen only. I want to add 2 columns in one row in flex design. Can anyone suggest the code? my code is below {%- if block.type == 'menu' -%}{%- liquidassign column_class = 'small-12...
thanksi need code bro
i have a reformation theme but in theme, there is no slider option on a single product page.i want a vertical thumbnail image slider on the product page. can anyone tell me how
i have the option on my product page "ASK US ANY QUESTION" but i don't knw where is from gone how to get those questions.where to get that filled form.
hi<div id="Search" class="Search" aria-hidden="true"><div class="Search__Inner"><div class="Search__SearchBar"><form action="{{ routes.search_url }}" name="GET" role="search" class="Search__Form"><div class="Search__InputIconWrapper"><span class="hid...
I have a prestige theme I want to add a clear button option in the search bar. how can I do it can anyone suggest coding?
so how could i show dropdown in mobile view
theme name is kala allineone theme
HI, I have megamenu on the store but the dropdown style is not shown on the mobile view except nested menu ul. can anyone solve this issue
kindly describe the solution
I want my product pages to show sold out variants as crossed out in the prestige theme. can anyone expert can help?
when i put stock level 0 then sold out button shows.i jxt want to show image of product only
Is there a way to make some products visible but not for sale?I just want to show  product.
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