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Some final thoughts about this: After implementing a queueing and caching strategy for the flood of activity, there's still 15,000x more requests being made than is sensible. It still doesn't make sense to make one fetch_stock.json request for every ...
This might be solvable in the nearish future via Shopify Functions. For example, if the Discounts functions accepted a negative value, then you could increase the price of an item in the cart if it were going to be fulfilled by a more costly supplier...
Ahoy matey!You need to get the inventory_id for the item and then set the tracked value to false. Example using cURL:curl -d '{"inventory_item":{"id":{INVENTORY_ID},"tracked":false}}' \-X PUT "https://{SHOP_NAME}
We run an app and intend to make prolific use of bulk operations. The app creates fulfillment services and has stock updates enabled. Recently, we ran a bulk operation on about 15,000 products. This generated quite a bit of activity over the next 8 h...
Thanks for confirming. This limitation would result in duplicate products in the store. That would be odd shopping experience and it would be suboptimal for organic search marketing. I'm sure it'll eventually improve.  
Some additional information here: Webhooks are deleted after about 20 faiiled tries in a 48 hour timespan. Fulfillment Services are not deleted, but it does appear that there is some fatigue (rightly so) for faulty callback_urls. With some prodding (...
Is it correct that at present, the inventory item cost must be the same for all locations? See:
I was able to fix this by creating a new fulfillment service with the same parameters and changing the location of the fulfillment request via the admin panel. This worked immediately, so I am assuming that there is threshold for failure.
The callback_url for a new store was invalid for an extended period of time. Then the first order came through and the fulfillment request didn't get sent. This prompted some troubleshooting, through which the issue was discovered and fixed. The call...
Thanks for all of the information. I believe that the issue was due ot the product being a draft.
Occassionally, we're unable to find the Preview link when editing products. Are there circumstances which would cause a product to not be Previewable or maybe it is a bug?
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