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Hey guys!I have recently downloaded an app (Innonic Upsell Recommendations) that works great and appears in my cart but it takes a long time to load. Could any of you help me with a code that would make the app load as the first thing on the site or ...
Hello guys!Can anybody help me code thumbnails under my main product image on mobile so they are functional and you can click them instead of having the dots under the image? URL: Shopcutify.comThank you!
Hello guys!Is it possible to update the number of products in the cart and see the change appear without the page reloading automatically? The page reload jerks the page and it appears weird. URL: shopcutify.comThank you!
Works great! Thank you!
Hey guys! Could anybody help me remove the annoying + symbol after my product prices on my Brooklyn theme? Both on my collections and home page please, the + symbol shows, that the product has more expensive variants. Please let me know how to do it!...
Could anybody help me code a plus and minus symbol next to the quantity selection in the cart page that when clicked adds or removes additional products from the customer's cart?Preferably like this: - (QUANTITY) + URL: Thank you!!
Works well, thank you! By any chance could you help me to make the price font slightly larger and make all the previous steps also appear on the home page? Thank you so much, will mark it as a solution.
This works but does not center the prices under the product name.
Hello guys!Could anybody please help me with centering my prices under the products on the collections page and home page and removing the annoying dash in front of the price? (URL: Thank you!
Hello! It seems that it is not centered on mobile.
Hello guys, could anybody please help me create a code to display 2 rows of products in the featured collection on my Brooklyn theme home page without messing up the layout? Currently, only one row is showing. I already have this on my collections pa...
This works well, however, the update cart button flashes for a second before the full button appears, is there any chance to change this? Thank you!
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