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Yes but the pictures closer together and all the same size.
Hi I wanted to change the font for the collections page header/title to a custom font. How do I do this and just change the header/title text and not the other text?
Hi I wanted to resize the product images on the collections page to a smaller size. I am using the dawn theme; is there a code to use or where do I find the option to resize the image?
Hey this didn't work.
How do I allow access?
Hi I am trying to customize the dawn theme with codes and help I find. Is there anyway to reposition my footer to where the search is above the links?
Hi I am a little bit of familiar just need to know where to place the codes.
Hi I tried that also and that code doesn't work either. How do I add the code to do this?
Hi I am using the dawn theme and would like keep my footer sections where they are but center the text. Is there a code that I can use that will help me do this.
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