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Hello, Richbrown_staff Thank you for reaching out to us. So I simply need to translate the part in grey to Bulgarian in the second tap for the additional language and the hyperlink will work properly?
Hello everyone,I am translating our webpage from English to Bulgarian and am on the last subtopic - Settings - Notifications.I am struggling to find out how to translate the hyperlinks and make them usable when translated into Bulgarian.E.g. I would ...
We see, but is fixing the code will make them appear not pixelated? And how to fix the code, so when the webpage is opened on different devices, they will see the photos with high quality?
Hello everyone, we recently had an issue with how Shopify displays our images. The problem is that we upload images with good resolution, but they appear pixelated when viewed on our webpage. Here are some screenshots from Lenovo ThinkPad and Macbook...
Hello,We are trying to make something similar to this product view ( trying different tutorials, it's time to ask the community, we would be glad to receive some help with t...
Hey, @ExpertRookie Luckily, this time it all worked. We have the result that we were looking for. Thank you for everything. ❤️
Hey, @PageFly-Victor Thank you for the fast reply.I just tried the code, but unfortunately it didn't work. The image stays the same, it's still cut on the sides compared to the full view of it on desktop.
Hello, we are about to open a fashion brand store and the coming soon page doesn't look fine on mobile devices. We tried to use codes from similar questions, but nothing worked. The problem is with the image size and how it looks on different devices...
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