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Hello I need to create a PriceList and assign a MarketID but I have an error. It stopped working SUDDENLY.Can anyone tell me what might be wrong?? Thank you  $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, array('Content-Type:applicat...
This is for a customer who, after creating an order. via api will be redirected to checkout and pay for the order there. I Such a customer MUST see the CZK currency where he will choose the form of payment, etc.
Hello, I have a problem.I need to create a draft order in my instance in another market. In CZK currency. The main currency is PLN.I have several markets on each different currency. How to do it? using the REST API i have it but it doesn't work { "dr...
I found a bug.The discount is removed when sending only "note_attributes". So when posting a "note_attributes" I have to send it once it's line_iteam and is work. "draft_order" attribute it is injected directly by the library php so it's not here. 
I still have a bug i send { "email": "", "line_items": [ { "variant_id": "42826415341822", "quantity": "3", "applied_discount": { "value_type": "f...
in documentacion write is: [{"variant_id": "31626267426921", "quantity": "3",}] i Add, "applied_discount": { "value_type": "fixed_amount", "value": 142, "amount": 426, "title": "Promo", "description": "Promo" } More i not need, Anyway, they are not r...
only until it worked until November 8 and then suddenly stopped.and check this solution
hello i am using REST API in php.   I have a problem when creating an order (draft) despite the fact that I give a discount in accordance with doc. the discount is not suitable.   I am sending something like this:           { "email": "testujedar...
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