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I found another solution but requires the Matrixify app. Get the app and generate the eBay listings template export. It has one field with all the images for each SKU separated by a pipe. Look for column AC (PicURL).
Hi! We import orders from Shopify to SellerCloud. Pending payments (To be paid later, net term sales, COD, manual) are all being imported into SellerCloud as payment "authorized". We were told by the SellerCloud development team that this is the corr...
What I ended up doing is get the data from an app that does eBay listing feeds, load into excel via get external data from the web (so I can keep it updated), manipulate the data in power query, then load into another sheet to get exactly one cell wi...
Actually, it has one flaw unless I am doing something wrong. The formula will begin producing erroneous data unless all products have the same number of images.
Thank you so much. Didn't know about textjoin and how it can skip over empty cells.
Thanks for the recommendation. Not really what I was looking for. I think the chrome app is not detecting apps properly.
Thanks for the recommendation.
When exporting the products file as a CSV, I cannot figure out a way in Excel or other to take the multiple products image URLs on multiple lines, and put them all in one cell, separated by commas. I have them sorted by position. Excel gurus out ther...
Can someone please recommend a drop shipping app for suppliers and manufacturers looking to offer drop shipping services to drop shippers that own their own Shopify store? An app that will sync our inventory to other drop shipping stores and sync ord...
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