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Hi there, I'd like to resize each of the icons below "Featured Ingredients" to be 100px x 100px and for each of these sections to contain the text and image without so much padding (adapted to the amount of text). Any guidance would be greatly apprec...
Hey Oliver!   I attempted to do this by pasting at the very bottom of theme.liquid but nothing changed in the blog.  I also tried adding to base.css but, similarly, nothing changed. Any chance you can advise? Will  
Hey! I could REALLY use your help with my ugly blog.  I'd like to improve its readability. Can you help me change the blog menus (EXAMPLE) and actual blog posts (EXAMPLE) to reflect the below? All headers (h1, h2, h3, etc...):font-family = FiraSansCo...
Hey Team, I made some CSS adjustments to make the "Our Formula" portion of this page a different color (matching the area below it), but now the font is too far left. Photo for reference.   Can you help me align this section on both PC and mobile? Pa...
Hey there -- I added this to base.css but no impact on the issue, strangely...  
Can you help me get rid of the automatically-applied blue background in logo .png on this page? The file has a transparent background but my theme is making it blue.
Fixed!  Thanks, David.  If you have advice on how to align the text to match the other box, I'd appreciate it, but I'm marking this as the correct solution. 
Hey there,That actually provides a slightly different result once pasted into base.css (text is spaced all the way to the left and the left side of the tile is filled in a solid blue color)  
Apologies -- here you are!
Amazing!  Got it!  The only issue here is that the font in that tile now moves ALL the way to the left of the page. Is there a way to preserve the spacing of that tile while filling in the background like you did?
On the following page, can you help me make the first tile below match the background color and width of the second tile?  I'd also like to get rid of the solid blue background behind the product, if possible.     Thank you thank you thank you in adv... Thank you in advance for your feedback.
For anyone in the future, using this code helped me get rid of it: 
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