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For all that may be interested - I just so happened to be working with Shopify Support on a different issue, and I brought this one up and even sent them the link to this thread.  This is the response I got: I want to express my gratitude for bringin...
Will this be a free app or paid?
@JaviExpress that worked perfectly on the product pages, however the pricing is still showing on the collection pages and the home page.  Can you help with that?   
@JaviExpress thank you so much for the help.URL: stiech
@JaviExpress I read your article and added the code to the product-price.liquid file, it works perfectly.  However I do want to hide the quantity selector and add to cart button as well, as if you aren't logged in you can still add the product to the...
I am just simply disappointed in Shopify to see how many people are experiencing this issue, myself included, and there has been no resolution?  C'mon Shopify, this is obviously an issue, why haven't you fixed it yet?
Sorry, I am not familiar enough with coding to know how to do that.  I would reach out to Pipeline support.  They respond fairly quickly.  Good luck!
I am just starting out with Pipeline and I needed this change as well.  Not sure if you ever got any resolution, but I came across this page by pure accident.  Follow the instructions in the videos exactly and voila, it works perfectly!https://pipeli...
For all those still looking for an answer, I contacted Shopify directly and was told this was not possible due to a limitation with the Shopify platform.  We can only hope it gets added in to one of the future updates.
I would prefer to keep this here on the community forum, if possible.
I've created a custom drop down field on my contact form.  Everything is working properly, but I cannot seem to get the little caret that points down to show up.  I've spent probably 5 hours searching Google and the Shopify forums, and all the coding...
I've created a custom contact form for a new site I am building.  The form is submitting correctly, however one field that is actually quite important is not coming through on the email notification.  I got the code for this field off of a YouTube vi...
I've been searching and searching for this exact solution - I am so glad I found this!  It does EXACTLY what I need it to!  I just wish it was easier to find, I could have saved several hours of headaches and frustrations!
Yes, URL is  Password ohldao. There is a place to put a link in the customizer, however it is for text.  Not an image.
I want to have a table-like layout of images at the bottom of our website to link to our other websites.  I tried to use the multicolumn feature but I wasn't able to make the images clickable, and also had issues with the images being cut off with th...
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