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Man, I'm getting this error too. I have met all the requirements as well and still getting the error. This is beyond frustrating on Shopify's part. We have spent so many hours building a complete app and they decide to update something without tellin...
The documentation for how to pass the cookie parameter in the oauth is really bad. There’s no examples! I’ve been searching for a solution myself for two days. If you figure it out please let me know. 
I'm having the same issue with my PHP Shopify App. It would be great if Shopify would provide some better guidance on how to update our apps. I'm wondering if the oAuth URL using "myshopify.com" instead of "admin.shopify.com" is causing a problem. 
This is question directed towards Shopify staff. I'm running into issues with some of the REST fields missing in GraphQL.  The REST API for "Customers" has a "sms_marketing_consent" field, but it's missing in the GraphQL version.  REST version ('sms_...
Hello Josh, rather than create a new ticket I wanted to mention that I'm running into similar issues with some of the REST fields missing in GraphQL: The REST API has 'sms_marketing_consent', but it's missing in theGraphQL version.  REST version ('sm...
The correct answer was "ask ChatGPT to fix your GQL code." It gave me the correct answer:  allSubscriptions(first: 1, sortKey: CREATED_AT, reverse: true) { query { currentAppInstallation { allSubscriptions(first: 1, sortKey: CREATED_AT, reverse...
I need help getting the "cappedAmount" for the CURRENT usage based subscription plan (not past subscriptions). I've tried all of the examples on this page but they don't work:https://shopify.dev/apps/billing/reporting#query-transaction-data-with-the-...
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