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Hey all, I have this code (I am not a coder, just found helpful code via the internet) And the code is supposed to insert videos on the product page. However, the video is too big on desktop and mobile. I would like this code to like a 1080 x 1080 si...
Any support or recommendations? Anything is helpful! Thanks a bunch!
Bumping this thread.
When i click the edit tab on the actually product, this is what comes up rather than what you mentioned. Also as far as "LockSmith" i am wanting to keep expenses down at the moment so i am looking for easy/ $0 Ways to get this situation handled. Than...
Hey all, Is it possible to separate certain products by country.  For example i have certain products that are only available for US, I have them with a special tag on them but they show up on the website for people outside the US to see. I am wonder...
Hey all, I have this metafield i created for my product page. I added the h4 to it to give it a bold feeling and have it catch people's attention, But how do i change the color of the text as well for that meta field? 
Right now on my facebook pixel, I do have custom audiences set where anyone visits the website or any page, Facebook is tracking that. Now from my understanding, I was under the impression that it can only be tracked if someone clicked a facebook ad,...
So if a viewer visits my website through google shopping ads, leaves the website and then goes to Facebook/Tiktok, is it possible for my ad to target them automatically since they have already visited the website? Will my Facebook pixel have any info...
Hey all, I am wanting to do some marketing. There is this technique that companies use once someone visits your site you leave to go else where (Facebook) ads are then ran to that same person across multiple social media pages, twitter IG tiktok and ...
I can gladly provide you access. Do you mind dming your email.
Thank you so much for your help!
Thank you for that code, I do see where it says "You Save" But no price adjustment is being shown.  
Hey Victor, Here is my product page. Hope this helps!  Here is my store URL. Thank you!
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