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This is not a method issue method is already POST this is a variable(post) 
How to retrieve data from the data base and displayed on different page getting this error while retrieving data and display on page https://prnt.sc/Gh45ej4iGkUP
@faypik Please share your store url.
@sondreskskfsghj Open you store go to product and add product image here https://prnt.sc/MQkQRgeVbRO4
Hi @loolakoola can you please give me your site url?
Okay  @George_pro Thanks!!
Yes @George_pro  i want to check money on my gift cart. 
Yes Please @George_pro 
 @GemPagesHow can we create an option to check the money left on gift card- like here in reference https://prnt.sc/lurkqyCK1clE
Hi @tlazytboutique Please add your font files in file section go to admit--settings--file upload all the font file in file section please add this css in your custome/base.css in top @font-face { font-family: "Fashionable"; src: url("font_URL")...
Hi @JAFC Please share your store url??
@harivishwakarma go to Customize Theme > Colors and select the color swatch you want to use. Then, go to Collection Pages > Product Grid and check the Enable Color Swatches option.
@jaehyeokeom put below css into theme.liquid file before closing </body> tag@media only screen and (max-width: 600px) {<style> a.overlay-text__button.button.altcolour { width: 100px !important; height: 43px !important; text-align: center ...
You uploaded all the images according to your Variation ??
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