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Good day. As we're getting, using the REST API, a number of errors stating that "the Variant IDs do not exist or do not belong to the product", a Shopify Partner support person has informed us that "Variant IDs in Shopify are not stable" and that "wh...
Thanks, Liam. I'm glad this is being acknowledged in the first place. Perhaps you could look into this as well (malformed JSONs being returned): Back to the topic at hand, based on my logs, this 4...
Hello Nilson, I was wondering if you got to the bottom of this as I'm experiencing something similar, albeit on an occasional basis. Very troublesome behaviour. I've reported it here:
As per subject, on occasion I'm logging 404/Not found responses when attempting to set inventory levels for certain variants. However, when retrying the exact same operation at a later date, it goes through as expected. Since the exact same IDs (loca...
Appreciate you taking the time to share your experience, Peter.
Appreciate your input, Peter. since you're mentioning "BulkOperation", I'm guessing that this "malformed JSON" issue is not limited to $InventoryLevel->set(). I feared as much. Also, from your response I seem to gather that you've determined that rep...
Using the shopify-api-php library here. It would appear that, at times, Shopify returns a malformed JSON that causes json_decode() to throw a JsonException ("Syntax error"). I am now logging these occurrences so I will be attaching X-Request-ID(s), a...
Again, this is not about the validity of the image URL per se. I just picked that one as an example. There could be all sorts of errors, eg. a timeout while trying to fetch the URL. This is about returning errors and having the entire action (the cre...
I could be wrong but I sense you're missing the point. The point is not whether "the above fails to create the one valid image". The point is that if one entity (the image in this case) cannot be created for whatever reason, an error should be return...
Good day. Yes, I'm using the PHP library in question but I highly doubt the issue is specific to the library. A different library is likely to produce the same results. This is an issue of the API itself which doesn't execute the update of the main e...
Good day. Just to point out that the potentially useful $Product->images[] array, which allows devs to alter images employing a *single* REST call, cannot actually be used in practice as all (possible) warning/errors are suppressed whereas updating e...
Just for my own peace of mind, can I get some assurance that someone is actually going to investigate this extremely serious issue or will it remain just a forum post with no actual resolution? Thanks.
Good day. I have queried Shopify Partner's support a few times already. They are not in a position to service developers nor they are willing to escalate matters as needed. They simply refer to these forums and instruct you to "ask the community". Th...
..and the status is NOW correctly set to Active.That was a typo.
Good day. Yesterday I experienced a slew of 500 - Internal Server Error responses while trying to create new products. Naturally, my app logged the task as 'failed' locally and scheduled a retry. However, much to my surprise, despite the Internal Ser...
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