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Hi, I have drop down menu setup on the main menu.  When I clicked on the 3 lines it used to open the menu, now suddenly I get no response when I click on it.Thanks to anyone who can helpWebsite URL: 
So I added some code which uses 2 different banners, depending on if you're on mobile or on desktop. The only thing is that on some phones the mobile banner gets cut off on the top or sides, which cuts a bit off the '50%' or the white text on the sid...
hi @StephensWorld !Thanks for the info! Can I also set up different prices for each market. So let's say in the UK it's 50 GBP, but I want it to be 60 Euro in europe
At the moment I only sell to the UK, which I have a domain for. I want to expand my store to Europe. So I bought the .eu domain name of my brand. Is it possible to make a different website for the .eu domain on the same shopify account as I have the ...
I would like to remove the slider numbers and arrows from my mobile website url:  
Hi there! Thanks for the reply. Can you find out how the website TheOodie uses the discount feature?
Hi there! My website url: currently change the prices manually on every product to get the discount that I need.  I would like to change that by using discount codes that are always active on the product, so that I can just ch...
Hi @Made4uo-Ribe , thanks for your reply! Wouldn't deleting this code remove every page title I have?
I would like to fill this popup with only the image  
Please go to your Online store > Theme > Edit code > card-product.liquid file, find this line of code:{{- 'products.product.on_sale' | t -}}Replace with:{%- assign percent = card_product.compare_at_price | minus: card_product.price | times: 100 | div...
hi @Dan-From-Ryviu , it does give a percentage but no number 
Hi @Dan-From-Ryviu ! It works on the product list page. But when I click on a specific product and go to the product page it turns back to the before badge
Hi there @Dan-From-Ryviu !  Thanks for the reply. When I go to that folder. this code: {{- 'products.product.on_sale' | t -}} is shown twice in the file. Do I replace it on both?
I mean, I built the store that im showing you now. Is that experience?
@Softtech So instead of saying £25 Off. I would like for it to say X% Off. So on every product the percentage discount is relevant to the price of the product.  Not all of my products have the same amount discount
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