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Hi @TimAU  Please check the code on Carina's reply. Hope that will solve your problem
Hi @Carina13 Sorry for late reply. Yes it takes English names of the color only. There is another way where you have to upload swatch images of your color and you can call it as an image. In my store, I need to show body types png in filters. Body sh...
I was able to figure it out. Add color as a metafield and update values in products. Then add this metafield in filter of  "search and filter" . Go to edit code>facets.liquid. Search for svg <rect> tag. inside rect tag, in Fill option replace "none" ...
Am sure there must be a workaround for making the current search and discovery app show swatches. Possibly through code changes.I really don't want to spend on buying a new theme or paying a third party app at this stage for such a small feature. If ...
Hi, does anyone know how to add color swatches in filter option on collection page for Dawn theme. Not variants, need the swatches on filter (search and discovery app of shopify 2.0)
Hi, were you able to figure out a solution?
@GemPages , thanks a lot for reply. It works perfectly now. 
Hi, I get a white screen whenever i navigate back to previous page from any product on mobile device only. It works fine on laptop/desktop. Any help will be appreciated. Below is the store address. PS- There is no "Animation>Transition ...
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