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Would something like this work?  This option checks if the product associated with any line item on the order has a totalInventory less than or equal to 0, and if so, it adds a `BACKORDERED` tag to the order.   Another approach is to loop over the l...
Hi,   Flow consumes and exposes the values from the shopify graphql admin api, and since the metafield value field is a string, it is treated as a string in Flow rather than a date. This is something we're investigating if we can add better support f...
I think it's the double negative in the BOXA condition that's causing the issue. Let's say the customer has the tag for BOXA. If you check that none of the tags do not include BOXA, and the customer has BOXA then it will return true. The reason it wo...
Hi Matteo,   I've looked through the fields available and from the abandonment object and I think the compare at price field could work for your use case.   Abandonment > products added to cart > variant > compare at price
Hey,   I'm looking through request logs and I'm seeing errors like: "None of the items are stocked at the new location" and "Cannot move to the current origin location." returned from the mutation.   I'm not too familiar with the fulfilment's api (I ...
Hi,   I think the problem is that the liquid is padding the "id" variable with a whitespace at the start and end, so it ends up with `"id": " gid://shopify/FulfillmentOrder/xxxxxxxxx "`. Try removing the indentation and any spacing around the liquid
Ah, yeah, wait is a good idea, not sure why that didn't occur to me. It's not a guarantee, but definitely decreases the likelihood of a race condition, and if time is not a factor, you can increase it further if need be.
Hi, I suspect there's a race condition between nofraud adding the tags, and the Flow Workflow being run. For example, the Workflow may run before nofraud has added the tags, as these are 2 distinct async systems. The Order Risk Analyzed trigger only ...
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