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As of April 9th, I still don't see any 1099 in my Payouts section...
I would like to allocate my Instagram icon from the Footer to the Header, placed on the left of the Login icon in the upper right hand corner.  I'm currently using the Refresh theme for my site.  Thank you! URL:
Thanks!  Greatly appreciate the help sir!
I'm currently using the Refresh theme for my store, and attempted to change the codes based on the solution that a similar user asked.  However, in the price.liquid, I did not find the complete codes that was needed.  I would appreciate if you can pr...
I'm having the same issue just now.  Why does Shopify keep having these issues?  
Instead of leading customers to different pages when they visit Contact Us and FAQs in the Footer Menu (despite appropriately linked in the Navigation), both pages end up taking customers to the same gallery page that I have in the Header Menu.  Plea...
OMG it works!!!  The header is looking great all thanks to you!  Thank you very much!!!
Thanks very much.  It works, but now the header menu doesn't align at all.  How can I get the menu items and the social icons etc. to be aligned on the same horizontal axis.
How do I relocate the Localization Language Selector from Footer to Header in Dawn theme?  I would like the selector to be placed between the "PE Gallery" and the Search icon.  Thank you! URL:
This post contains 2 questions: 1. My Shopify store uses the Dawn theme ver 7.0.   After I shortened the names in my header menu, that resulted in the logo size to be enlarged, for both of my English and Chinese version of the site.  Is there a way t...
This works great, now every page has the correct logo size, thank you Litos!
Actually, only the Home page works, the rest of the pages still have the enlarged icon.  How do I ensure that all of the pages in the website have the small icon?
Me too!  Been doing that for the past week now, so far still haven't seen any responses.  It seems the grey bar only appears on Safari.  Chrome works fine though.  Shopify Parters, please help! mypekicks.storepassword: mypekicks
Only the Home Page works, but not the rest of the pages when I go into either Products or any other pages...
I am having trouble resizing my header logo in the Shopify - Dawn theme (ver. 7.0.1) after editing some codes that brought the social media icons from the Footer to the Header.  Prior to the edit, the logo displayed perfectly.  But after the edit in ...
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