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Hi,  I want to purchase this theme. Could I get some help identifying which shopify theme this website is using? Thanks!
Thank you for your responses and effort, I'll try again.
Still didn't work, maybe you are using a wide-screen monitor , that's why it's working for you, but not for me
Try to log in through
added in the header section, didn't work
Thank you for your response, I will add this code in the duplicate theme, can you tell me which section I should add this code to?
Hello EveryoneThe desktop version of the nav bar menu has a problem where it displays only up to four menu items. The remaining items appear in a dropdown next to these four items, indicated by "3 dots." A screenshot is attached for reference. websit...
Thank you for your response. However, I found a solution that met my needs and it worked successfully.
Thank you, it worked.
Thanks for the response. It worked on the PC but on mobile, it's now narrow. You can go to the URL and check.
HelloI'm currently using the Testament theme, and I'm facing alignment issues on my product pages. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or solutions to this problem.I've tried searching for solutions online, but all the suggestions I found invo...
Hi Team, Hope your stores are doing well 28 is my mobile rating on google speed index. How do I do all these changes? How can I minify the codes ?Please explain in details, it'd mean a lot. Thank You 
Hi    I have tried multiple ways but didn't work. this is the website "", but when I search for it on google, it shows the title 2 times, please suggest the solution
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