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Hi, I am facing the same problem. I just posted the code you mentioned but I don't see any chances. Could you please help me
Hello!We aren’t using an app. Just a third party theme named TitooAlso the first month, the menu options on mobile worked but not consistentlyNow it just completely stopped working. Not sure if this makes sense.Can you help me to fix this please?
SureStore URL iswww.cuddlygurus.comPassword is frilahThe sticky header for the desktop works perfectly fine, but it doesn't workfor mobile version (no matter how many times I click on it)Only the logo on the header works fineThanks a lot for your hel...
Hi, I am having the same issue. The sticky header on the laptop works fine but it doesn't work on the mobile. I have tried clicking on it many times, but no luck. Can you please help me?
Hi everyone The sticky header works very well on the laptop, and it shows on the mobile too. But no matter how many times I try to click on the "Menu" or any other items on the header, it does not work. Can someone please help me on this? This issue ...
Thanks! I have been trying to update it for weeks and no luck. Removing the - helped!
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