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Bio: Australian owned, designed & manufactured swimwear.

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Hi I do not see the paint brush icon that allows you to edit the pop up? Im just wanting to change the image mostly on the pop up
Hi All, My store utilizes a frequently bought together app & a pre order app. They both work awesome separately but I require an FBT app that either integrate via custom selectors when stock is at zero & show a pre order button OR an app that has bot...
I will make the v9 active now. URL is kristenlonie.com, no password required   Edit: Had to revert back as I found that clicking any 'Collection' link brought up the wrong products, even though all links are correct. Another V9 issue.
Ride v8 - Using slideshow for a banner, instead of image, as it can be made clickable without containers for the buttons etc showing. Ride v9 - Same fields filled, but does not make the entire slide clickable like it previously was, only if the butto...
Found a chrome extension that fixes this issue of not being wide enough - Widescreen Shopify Admin It's not like Shopify couldn't implement this code on their own accord...!
This ALMOST works! It just links back to the main page though and does not change to the url provided.Changed it to:<a href="{{ block.settings.link }}" style="display: block;position: absolute;width: 100%;height: 100%;left: 0;top: 0;z-index: 999;"></...
So I've been giving it a shot but no luck, I have a strikethrough but it is gray and ideally would like just to change that colour to a prominent red and maybe thickness so customers can see it very easy I'm using the Ride 8.0.0 theme. 
I'm still learning exactly where to place these codes exactly. So when you say in place of your loop variant means I need a few more steps to find and understand the loop variant please!  
Hello Shopify experts! I would like to know if there is a way to have the UI/UX show a cross through variations that are out of stock? For instance if (M) Medium is out of stock then I would like it to show a cross through it.  
 I've applied the Ride Theme (Shopify 2.0) and it seems the rich text box remains the same across all my categories. I was wanting to leave a heading and text intro to the categories.The theme doesn't have any other text boxes available either.Is the...
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