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Hi Liam, Unfortunately, our integration only uses the REST version of Shopify right now. Were you able to get any insights on why this filter does not work? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Liam, Were you able to find any new information for the REST API? 
Hi Liam, I'm not familiar with the graphQL version so it would be helpful if you could provide a sample curl I can paste to Postman to save time - but regardless I'll check it out and get back to you. 
Hi Liam, Yes it's just cutting off here. 
Hi Liam, Just following up here as getting this data is a priority for our client. Thank you so much!
Hi Liam, I tried it in terminal and unfortunately, it still provides the same output. 
Hi there, As per your documentation here[owner-id]=382285388&metafield[owner-resource]=blog, one should be able to get a list of metafields for an owner reso... This page stopped working and hence we would like to know the available schema for the sales table in ShopifyQL. Thanks!
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