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yes seems not to work. these are the current settings:and as you can see it still shows 17 style where there is 5xl here 
Hi,I have tried to set up the filter but not workingIf  you search on 5xl sizing it still show the product even though its sold out.
hello, anyone know how I can adjust the sizing filter in shopify so it does not show 'out of stock products' when filtering by size (using impulse theme).I have a seperate filter "avaliability" that I can apply but would like to be able to filter jus...
hello,Anyone know how I can adjust the defauly collection page here: https://mctasker.dk/collections Basically I would like to be able to adjust this page with relevant collections only.Thanks
Hello,Anyone know how I can move this breadcrumb text to top left corner instead and also make it less prominent like with grey scale font.Url: https://mctasker.dk/collections/mc-laederveste/products/premium-club-vest 
where can I change this in the code? 
Already checked was not that
hello,I am trying to upload a video to a product but seems not to work - however I can see the thumbnail of video as per below but cannot play it. Anyone what is causing this?I am using the impulse theme. Link to page: www.mctasker.dk
hello,Anyone know why the color swatch on this specific product here dont show like I have for the other product above with the masks?link: www.mctasker.dkThanks
would you know why it is not showing on this product here? 
where is the css?
hi,anyone know how I can change so this promotion grid becomes 50% width and will stand on same line as on my desktop view?Desktop viewTwo last pictures are next to each otherMobile versionI would like the two bottom pictures aligned as above on desk...
Hello, Anyone know how I can fix this error string "l18n error:missing interpolation value "which is visible when going to 2nd page of the collection product page? this error is visible in tab sheet as you can see on screenshot belowI am using impuls...
Great thanks, do you know if can remove the Vimeo logo here?  Also the quality is really bad on desktop any ideas how to fix that? 
Hello, I have a few problems when uploading a video on my site (tried both on youtube and vimeo). The video is filmed vertical and had to resize it to 1:1 to be full width size on the sites. 1) on mobile I have this white dot in the middle. How can  ...
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