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I use the cart/add.js to add a product to customer's cart when they do something, but I find sometimes the api call succeed but the cart is empty, especially when the network is not good.  I guess shopify's js code need add a custome_id to the cookie...
Is it possible to access the. "sections" field in the settings_data.json file ??? could anyone give some advice ??  orz
This is the settings_data.json, and I want to access the field  current->sections->announcement-bar->settings->height.  I found I can access 'site_desc' field with 'settings.site_desc', but can not access announcement-bar height with  'settings.secti...
Thanks you very much!!   The problem is I don't know how to define a global metafield.  It seems all metafields should be attached to a product, variants, collection, etc.  Is it possible to define a metafield independently ?   Because what I need is...
Thank you! But it seems I can only and metafield to a product, collection, page, etc. I want to add global object which does not belong to a product or collection.  It seems there is a proper global object which I can add my metafield.
I want to create a global metaobject, store some information in this object, and display the information on website.But I don't know how to access this object   {{ shop.metaobjects['xxxx']  }}  does not work ... 
We want to send an email to the customer several days after the product is delivered successfully,  but we can not find the trigger for 'product delivered', is it possible ??    Thanks very much!!
Hello, Does anyone have the same problem ??
ok, the email is sent It's a test store with password, not online now. May I send the password to ?
The coupon is 50% discount,   the discount amount (-50) is not correct, it should be -150 
I want to show some items with  <li> , but it does not accept html tags
I want to put some formatted content in the collapsible row, but it seems it does not accept html tags, is there any other way ?  
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