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Thanks a bunch! I was leaning toward this maker but it feels better hearing someone had a good experience with it. To answer your question - it didn't even cross my mind that I could have both. I was too focused on picking the platform, I guess. Actu...
Hi Imran! We have an Excel spreadsheet for this purpose. Most people I know also use it as it's a very convenient way to keep track. Also, there are plenty of integrations that allow you to connect Excel to other apps/programs and use data for your m...
So, I've been thinking about getting some new business cards printed up, and it's something I've always found a bit of a hassle. But recently, I stumbled upon this interesting article on the Shopify blog from back in March. They mentioned something c...
Exactly. I seriously don't recommend looking for a way around this. Getting documented permission is simply how this is done.
From what I've heard from several people in the industry, postage options/price was the main issue. Most of them switched to Shopify Markets some months ago and I don't remember anyone complaining or encountering any issues. So basically, I can confi...
This could be the reason, I agree. Would help to have the URL too, to be sure.
As everyone agreed, it is possible and I wanted to add - very smart. On top of knowing if the member has paid, you will also be able to gather data such as how many times a week they exercise and tailor, for example, your future email marketing campa...
It would be a good feature to have, I have to say.
Please notify the Shopify team as soon as possible and as for the authorities, I would at least check if there's something they can do about this.
Thank you for sharing the step-by-step process on how to create this spreadsheet! This is definitely something I'll do, it will save me a lot of time. I keep all the data in a Google Sheet, a kind of master sheet, that really helps me keep track. Plu...
I had a similar problem, and it was solved after I updated the theme, so I believe one of the suggested solutions will fix the issue.
Hello there! You need to have an Instagram business profile that's connected to your Facebook catalog and I believe a Facebook shop without any age or country restrictions that is already approved by Facebook. Also, make sure you have removed the pas...
Hey there! Since you got into affiliate marketing (good choice, I wish you good luck on your journey!), you'll have more and more links to track and analyze, so I think you could use an affiliate dashboard. That way you can keep track of the conversi...
I would suggest running all these questions with an experienced professional. You can get lots of help and guidance here, and I encourage you to always ask in this community first. For some things though, since every case is specific and you know exa...
Hello there! Perhaps this thread can help you: There's a link for the list of countries supported by Instagram, too.  I hope you'll solve this issue soon. 
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