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Hey @Brasilia What does this image_width mean? Can you please share more details?Thanks
Hey @monetstudios  Here you are
@uber  Looks like for 374 line code, it's a language translate text. so I think you can skip it. 
Hey @uber You can update it on snippets/card-product.liquid fileat Line 158 and 374. there are  <div class="caption-with-letter-spacing light">{{ card_product.vendor }}</div>  You have to update it with something like this  <div class="caption-with-l...
Lol, I'm on storefront password page.  I can't see that page on my end. Looks like it's development store and need to access with password input. also I couldn't see the password input field. no ways to check other pages 
Because for the white borders, there are some border properties on some elements.For example, in announcement-barTo fix this issue,  remove this property border-bottom: 0.1rem solid rgba(var(--color-foreground), 0.08) on base.css  
@GarmentGarage  You set the background image as background property, not background-image on body element. I think you tried to use background property due by gradient class. so next background-repeat: no-repeat doesn't work! If you update your body'...
Hey @GarmentGarage  Can you share your store link?
Hey @stanlegebeke  This issue is related to vertical-middle class. I'm not sure why it needs. but it's the main cause. If you will remove this class or styles, this issue will be fixed.  
I finally found the solution. need to update production index path in web/index.jsconst PROD_INDEX_PATH = `${process.cwd()}/frontend/dist/` toconst PROD_INDEX_PATH = `${process.cwd()}/web/frontend/dist/`
I had this issue when deploying a custom node cli app to heroku. Does anyone know why dist/index.html cannot be opened?2023-02-01T14:35:50.290925+00:00 app[web.1]: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/app/frontend/dist/index.html' 2023-02...
I solved this problem with bad way!!!  but it's working well as expected.  I get the session without using Shopify.Utils.loadCurrentSessionJust get session from db const session = await db.get("SELECT * FROM 'shopify_sessions' where isOnline = 0"); 
HelloI'm building a custom cli node app that allow customer to cancel order in the shopify front-end account pageThis is the index.js. Actually it's the default index.js and I just defined this api /api/orders/cancelBut when I call this api in my sho...
Hi @Finn4  I think you already implemented my code into your store. seems it's working wellIt would be great if my code helped you!
@Mcato12 It's updated! -> snippets/header-js.liquidchanged theme.min.js to theme.js Step2-> assets/theme.jschanged $gridItemCol.removeClass().addClass('js-col col-sm-6 col-12') to $gridItemCol.rem...
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