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Thank you Rich, it seems to address front end issue, but the actual checkout is where I was intending to have it. Any ides for that area? Thanks.
Why would be that? Ideally I want numbers, local couriers etc shown. Imagine most basic example. Website that ships in English to USA/Canada/AU/UK. One site, multiple currencies etc; easy peasy. Just if could configure this image to be custom based o...
My theme doesn't offer me to edit image in the header via this approach. 
Here's another idea - imagine you have a logo with local number and trust marks and payment methods. So for French it could be in French with French phone number and primary payments, for Dutch it could be different etc. 
Thank you, this has been the one I've been looking for. All the other answers focus on primary currency. You're a hero when it comes to finding current selected currency of the store  yeah! 
Hey, a quick tip here - use the new FLOW feature that tracks against HIGH RISK orders. It will create a flow for you, you just need to set Payments setting to MANUAL capture from AUTHORIZE. So it will capture orders only if not FRAUD. Here's the tric...
This is crazy! How did shopify become multi billion company with basic common sense features like these missing? A simple checkbox should have solved this.
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