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I also don’t believe this was a USPS issue and Shopify is trying to cover their tracks. My personal opinion but $22 isn’t even a USPS fee. Try again Shopify……
Whole heartedly agree with you. This whole situation has left a very bad taste in my mouth.  Time to search for a new platform! 
I agree! I’ve posted on fb and to Twitter. There’s strength in numbers and this has affected a lot of shop owners! 
I’ve been looking all morning. The thought of having to re do a site and transfer inventory to another platform is terrifying - but I won’t have a company basically steal our money and leave us in the dark. It’s ridiculous. I get mad with every minut...
Still no solid answers. I am so so so angry over this!!!!!!!!!!!! 
This is being handled so poorly. I’m very disappointed with Shopify and their total lack of response. We’re talking a huge volume here of money taken from shop owners. Where is their accountability? 
Absolutely disgusted with Shopify over this mess. We deserve ANSWERS!!!!
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