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Hey Cole,thanks for your guidance on above post. Really helpful!To confirm: Does shopify automatically take care of flagging different pages for google so they don't show up as duplicate content?We have a store delivering o US and Canada and use Shop...
Hi Lizzy, thank you, your reply is really helpful!Creating blog categories seems relatively straight forward, but I am concerned with SEO impact. Is there any risk for SEO/rankings, as long as I redirect all articles to the new blog?Do you recommend ... This article disagrees. It should be straight forward to create the categories and create redirects.What I am concerned with is SEO impact. Could you be specific why you...
Hi all, As the blog on our website has grown to over 60 articles, I want to create blog categories.An app is unfortunately not an option, but I read it should be possible, when I create separate blogs and then link to reach blog in the store menu. No...
Thanks a lot for the feedback! Really appreciate it!
Thanks so much for your feedback! Some really valid points. Sorry if it's a stupid newbie question but what do you mean with -pdp- colour swatches?
Dear Community, after a lot of work building the site and finding suppliers, we finally launched our online store end of last year.While organic traffic brings in a couple of hundred visitors per month and we've had a couple of orders already, the sh...
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