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Hi, I'm encountering an issue with the alignment of two buttons on my website. I would like to center them as they are currently aligned to the left.This is my website.  
Hi, this is my website. On mobile visualization, in the section logo_list, i have 4 logos, displayed in 2 rows. I'd like to modify this, putting all them in a single row.  
Hi, this is my website. I would like to adjust the focal point of the slideshow images to 'bottom center.' By default, I believe it is set to 'center,' and when providing a fixed height for mobile visualization, it results in a cropped image. It seem...
Thank you for your help! And what if I wanted to make the same identical modification but regarding the 'Related Product' section of the product page? Im facing the same issue..  If possible could you please tell me also how you determine the correct...
My issue is that I can't add 'Starting at' before the price of a product. If I try to update the CSS directly from the lower window on the same screen, doesn't permit me to save the session with the changes made, apparently it doesn't let me use the ...
Yes you're is better. Thank you for the help provided! Currently ive apparently solved adding an attribute width: 105% to: .footer__logo,.footer__social {   width: 105%;   display: flex;   justify-content: center;   align-items: center;}but i dont k...
Unfourtunately i can't because the website is already published but with a different theme, im modifing an unpublished version, but i can send a screenshot 
Hi, i've done some modifies to the css sush as:  //align menu voices.collapsible-content {   text-align: center;} //align menu titles.footer__title {   text-align: center;} //align footer logo and social icons.footer__logo,.footer__social {   display...
Hello and thank you to anyone who wants to help me. The issue is this, since the programming language used on Shopify in the .liquid formats is not familiar to me, I don't understand why in a piece of code like this I can't activate a JavaScript list...
Yes sorry, I've solved this by myself. I would like to ask if is possible trigger a js event when the form get submitted. I  don't understand where to write the js code, and coding a js observer wich search for the greeting message after submission p...
Hi, I've this issue, when a contact form is submitted, a green bar with no text appears below as shown in the image:(Richiedi Informazioni means Request Info in italian) I would like to put a greetings message inside but i don't know how to do it, an...
When I submit a contact form on a product page it appears like this: I would like to put a message inside the green bar, as: "Thank you, we'll reach out ecc.."The website is this.If possible i would like to trigger a js event also to activate a gtag
Currently there's a sort of error, because my theme isn't showing any messages at all, just a green area (that gives the idea that the form has been correctly submitted) and i would like add a greetings message.  
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