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Hey peeps, so ive been trying to delete a picture from a product description, but every time i press save it just puts it back! Its literally a photo that shows people my Chinese suppliers pictures, you can even click on it and it takes you to my sup...
Hey, so i've been trying to sort out my Facebook ad account properly but have ran into a wall straight away.Every time i go to click on the FB/IG sales channel it just loads then says (SOMETHING WENT WRONG).I have WiFi connection, so i am just baffle...
I'm pretty sure your best action first would be to speak to shopify they may have a fraud team? If they are actually taking sales and not sending them, or selling your product that is patented then you can go down the legal route! 
Thank you very much for your reply!I do believe in the products and myself and will make this work and atm i'm am running the adds my self. I have no experience other than watching youtube and doing some research over the past month! can you recommen...
Hello, I have just recently got my store up and running and started running ads. I Get people on my site, but not one is going to check out, or leaving emails so i can build an email list!Can you look at my website and tell me what needs to be improv...
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