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Bio: Mimo Decor is a furniture and design venture established in 2017 by father-daughter partners Joe and Jessica Buscaglia.

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Winter 24 upgrade is here and still no basic price filter option for the admin. Wow. 
Update: got it wo work.Though, we are trying to do something similar on another page.Here is the link to the page:https://mimo-decor.com/pages/design-appointmentThis is the section:shopify-section-template--16858035880154__29c7fe9e-fb02-4694-9a50-842...
Hi James, After the new dawn update this appears not to be working. Is there something new that needs to be done? The section is right at the top of our home page:shopify-section-template--16858034569434__ceae3c1e-1a99-4fbd-b04a-5e41673bbf8aThe image...
I have been using product type as a filter for my products for over a year and it has always worked. Now I am not able to filter by product on the web, though it continue to work on my phone. Can you help me identify? Here are all of the pages that u...
Sept 2023, Shopify just upgraded to summer '23 and a few of my apps and extensions are completely messed or or no longer functions for the purpose I use and pay for them. BUT within that upgrade no tweaks to the admin product and inventory features. ...
Agreed this is so incredibly frustrating that a price or further sorting/filtering options are not available. I know about the trick to edit items but then there is still no way to filter. This is so elementary and I cannot believe Shopify has not ad...
I am looking to get a report on all addresses by filtering for cities > exist or not null. I just added some new ones but they are not showing up in the filter. They do not have email addresses or phone numbers but still id like to get a report on ad...
Thank you, I just reverted it back and will add the couple of lines of code that we've customized. I appreciate your help very much!
 Hi everyone, We've created a collection page to display all of our out of stock products since we sell vintage one of a kind items and would like people to see our previously sold products. On this specific page, we are hoping to hide the price, but...
Hello, yes we would appreciate help in determining where to add this code! Thank you
Hi everyone, At the top of a few of our website pages we are using the image with text component as a page header. When we go to open the navigation menu, it appears to be hidden behind and you can't click any of the menus:  Website: mimo-decor.shopP...
Hi there, mimo-decor.shopPassword: mimo Appreciate your help Thank you!
Hi there, mimo-decor.shopPassword: mimo Thank you!
mimo-decor.shop Password: mimo Thank you!
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