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Thank you for getting back to me. I received this message when logging in.There are no errors when I sign in now but I want to see if it effected thepeople that checked out in the past month.
I received this notification when logging into my shopify account. Is there anyone live I can speak to about this? 
This is how the code shows up. Please let me know if it was copied correctly. For some reason the words are still hyphenated. Thank you!
Hi there, I tried it out and it’s still showing up as hyphenated on the photos at the bottom of the products.  
Sorry. It’s not on the main page. It’s on the product page (at the bottom)
Thank you! I will try this too.
Hi there, thanks so much. It fixed the other area,  however on the main page there is still one. Not sure if this is an easy fix.  
Definitely.TrendyBaby.capassword is Tr3ndyBaby Thank you!
How do I stop the words from getting hyphenated on Ecommerce Studio theme? It shows up hyphenated on smaller phones. Thanks 
Hi Yyoz,Thanks for your reply. I was wondering if anyone knew the coding to add text to the images. 
Hi, I’m in the process of making my website using the Dawn theme. Does anyone know if it is possible to make the collection and multi column images clickable? And is it possible to add text on the clickable images?
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