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Does this apply the credit card fee to the taxes as well??
Bumping because this should be a priority update, @Shopify PLEASE
Ugh, it works better than not having anything in place. We are still notable to collect credit card fees on the tax amount - which is still a hugeconcern for us. We have held out waiting for an update that willinclude this feature from Shopify, no lu...
Hi Don, Another year, and the same request - any update on adding this feature? 
How did this go for you??

This is still the number one reason we are considering leaving shopify. We have more than $2M in sales a year through our site, this feature has to be a priority. 
It is an app called UpCharge: Surcharges. It is considered a "cart fee". You can adjust the fee you would like to charge and apply it to the entire cart- but again, please note that this will not add a fee to tax amounts. 
We had to add a drop down menu on the cart page - when someone selects that they want to pay with a card - a 3% fee is applied to the entire order. The catch is that it does not capture fees on sales tax. So it's a fix - just not the best one. Atleas...
We need to be able to apply a credit card fee to customers that is inclusive of cart AND tax total.  Right now, we have a work around that applies a fee to the cart total - but not taxes. This is also problematic because customers are easily able to ...
Were you able to find a different platform?
Hi Don, This is something we desperately need. Before we switch to a different platform, is there any movement or options for passing credit card fees onto customers?
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